Refresh and update your investment! The most cost effective way is a fresh coat of paint.

It is important that rotten surfaces such as siding, windows or trim be replaced before being painted.  The preparation and caulking process is also very important and should be done thoroughly when repainting.  Through time caulk shrinks and expands creating gaps and unprotected areas which become rotten.  It is important to have a nice thick coat of paint on your home to protect it from all the outside elements. We use the highest quality of primer and materials to make sure the job is done right!

  • Exterior Painting
    – Scrape and prime any bare wood
    – Set nails as needed in siding
    – Caulk entire house (including trim, doors, windows, and every nail head)
    – Repaint front door, back door, and foundation
    – Repaint house with 25 Year Super Paint
    – Repaint trim with 25 Year Super Paint

  • Wood Rot Repair
    – Siding replacement
    – Wood window repair
    – Trim replacement
    – Exterior door replacement
    – Deck and fence repair
    – and much more!

  • Power Washing (Deck, Railing, PlaySet)
    – Power wash with (simple green) cleaner to open pores to prepare for stain
    – Re-stain with Sherwin Williams Super Deck Solid Stain (recommended)

  • Concrete Waterproof Sealing
    – Driveways
    – Patios
    – Steps
    – Brick and rock house fronts
    – and much more!

  • Gutter Cleaning
    – Get us on your semiannual schedule to keep debris out and the water flowing!
    – Call for pricing.

(If you do not see a service you would like us to complete, please just give us a call to see if we are able to do it for you!)